Join us on October 15th in the HS Commons for a presentation by the Texas Advocacy Group. To to be discussed are digital abuse, dating violence, and healthy relationships.HOMECOMING OCTOBER 18, 2019 HAWKS VS.  SILSBEE TIGERS HAWK STADIUM  7:30 PM
HOMECOMING DRESS UP DAYS  WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 16TH           THURSDAY, OCTOBER 17TH  Tacky Tourist Day   HOLIDAY DAY Grab your fanny packs,           Halloween? New        khakis and sunscreen!            Years? Valentine’s? 							    Pick your favorite &                                                     dress festively.            Friday, OCTOBER 18TH             Saturday, OCTOBER 19TH COLOR WARS           HOCO DANCE Dress up in your              TIME: 8-11PM  class colors.                     PLACE: HJHS COMMONS FRESHMAN- Grey                    THEME: NEVERLAND SOPHOMORES- White             JUNIORS- Navy SENIORS- Red

Introducing: Neverland HJ Homecoming Dance “Let’s soar Up, Up, and Away to HJ” Saturday, October 19, 2019  TIME: 8-11pm PRICE: $20 WHERE: HJ CommonsPICTURE INFORMATION

We need your 
HAWK eyes.
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