Psychology Officer Duties
*These positions are open to slight changes based on need being that this is a new club*

President (Rob Saunders):
- Provides leadership and direction to the club organization
- Presides at meetings of the club and oversees the activities of the various groups     of the club
- Coordinates club activities
- Mentors new leaders and provides opportunities for these new leaders to grow

Vice-President (Lauren Castloo):
- Presides at meetings in the absence of the president
- Provides data on previous club events to allow everyone to benefit from past
- Provides timely and interesting advance information for memos and social media
  to be given to Webmaster (approval by sponsor)
- Provides mentorship to new officers

Secretary (Victoria Cash):
- Maintains official records of meetings
- Maintains roster of all members

Treasurer (Kaycie Sims):
- Oversees club finances, collects dues, and receives other monies
- Assists the president and other officers in preparing program budgets

Webmaster (Kebrianna Malone):
- Find ways to use technology to improve organization's operations
- Develops and maintains club website and social media sites (sponsor has
  administrative privilege so everything must be approved.